Coastal Courier Inc. provides low-cost, no-nonsense contracted courier and delivery services to a wide variety of businesses in the Southeastern United States. Whether you currently provide your clients with delivery, or you're considering it, outsourcing to CCI could save you time, money and problems. 

CCI is a contract delivery distribution and courier company that was incorporated in 1978 with a single run between Florida and Alabama. Our founding partners held management positions with a national transportation company before forming CCI. By 1983, we were operating from 2 offices, one in Pensacola, FL and another in Mobile, AL. In 1989, a district office was opened in Orlando to handle the route networks for the rapidly expanding areas of Central and South Florida. As our business continued to grow, the demand for a staff in Northeast Florida was met with the opening of another district office in Jacksonville.

In the early 90's our business continued to grow at a rapid pace and push northward into Northern Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. A fifth district office was established in Birmingham in 1995 and a sixth in Nashville during 1997. In 2000, we opened an office in Tampa that serves the Greater Tampa area and Southwest Florida.  In 2004 an office was added in Charlotte, NC to handle our growing presence in the Carolinas. Then in 2005 our growth dictated a need for staff in SE Florida.  An office was opened in 2007 in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area to handle the SE Florida markets. Today we have more than 350 contract couriers providing superior service to our customers throughout 9 Southeastern states.

We have the right people and resources strategically located throughout the Southeast to get the job done correctly and efficiently. At CCI, we take great pride in meeting and exceeding the customer's needs in order to provide you with an exceptional level of service unparalleled in the transportation industry today.