At CCI we don't believe in the one size fits all approach to business. We design a custom program tailored to your specific need. We arrange for a driver with the type of vehicle you specify. We ensure it is maintained to the highest of standards. At your request, your logo can be affixed to the vehicle. This allows you to maintain a first class image in the marketplace.

  • Office Supplies
  • Interoffice Mail & Documents
  • US Mail Pick up & Delivery
  • Auto/Truck Parts
  • Paint & Paint Supplies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Lab Specimens
  • Payroll Delivery
  • Medical Supplies


  • CCI eliminates your personnel problems. We ensure your route is covered when turnover occurs or for illnesses & vacations.
  • Your day-to-day management headaches are virtually eliminated.
  • More time for you and your team to concentrate on your "core" business.
  • CCI eliminates your vehicle headaches - In the event of a breakdown or accident, CCI ensures your route is covered.
  • No need for temporary personnel or vehicle rentals - we include this with our service rates.
  • Increased Profit